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Hair care treatment

Mirror salon Give your hair the special treatment it deserves, with a professional perm, expert straightening, or specialist conditioning treatments that conditioning your hair from the inside out.

Our expert stylists offer professional perming, straightening treatments, which look fantastic without damaging your hair. We offer a range of contemporary loose and tight perms, to give your hair body and bounce. Or, alternatively, our straightening treatments can straighten the waviest hair, to create a sleek, stylish look. Ask in salon about the treatments on offer. read more

Great Skin tone Guidelines


Skin is amongst the first things that persons detect regarding anyone, and so shouldn’t anyone acquire the perfect care from it

Each person is fortunate with wonderful skin. It is simply just you will need to manage the item when you age group. Darker skin is usually a bane or perhaps you can say a new problem if you are craving intended for good skin discoloration. The causes intended for darker skin discoloration could be a lot of, ranging from sunburns for you to inheritance for you to skin diseases. read more

Best organic handmade winter weather encounter packages


  Winter season brings your cold moreover  while   using numerous skin in addition to splendor proper care difficulties. One of the most encountered skin difficulties within wintertime are generally dried up skin, cracked skin in addition to unequal skin. Skin difficulties are generally addressed while using adequate amount of vitamin products in addition to vitamin supplement on the skin in addition to entire body. Your dried up skin could be taken care of while using moisturizers inside the wintertime. All of the wintertime skin difficulties are generally solved while using “winter encounter packs”. read more

सख्यांना मिळाला सुंदरतेचा कानमंत्र

म . टा . प्रतिनिधी , नाशिक

आजच्या ट्रेंडी जमान्यात सुंदर दिसण्यासाठी सर्वच महिलांचे प्रयत्न सुरू असतात . चेह-यापासून नखांपर्यंत आपली सुंदरता कशी वाढवता येईल याचा विचार करणा-या महिला बाजारातील अनेक महागड्या सौंदर्य प्रसाधनांना प्राधान्य देतात . परंतु ‘ महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स ‘ च्या ‘ गोडवा संक्रांतीचा ‘ या कार्यक्रमाच्या माध्यमातून महिलांनी घरच्या घरी नखांची आणि त्वचेची काळजी कशी घ्यावी याच्या टिप्स मिळविल्या . read more

खरंच, देखते रह जाओगे…

मटा’च्या ग्रुमिंग वर्कशॉपला उर्त्स्फूत प्रतिसाद

म. टा. प्रतिनिधी, नाशिकरोड

समारंभ, नोकरी किंवा कालेजमध्ये जाताना आपल्याकडे सर्वांचे लक्ष जावे, असे प्रत्येक महिलेला वाटते. प्रत्येक टप्प्यावर प्रेझेंटबल कसे राहावे, याच्या टीप्स आज देखते रह जाओगे या मोफत ग्रुमिंग वर्कशॉपमध्ये मिळाल्याने महिलावर्ग जाम खूश होता. नाशिकरोड येथील ऋतुरंगमध्ये ‘मटा’तर्फे झालेल्या या वर्कशॉपमध्ये नेहा खरे यांनी प्रात्यक्षिकांसह या बहुमोल टिप्स दिल्या. read more

one day look & learn seminar at shirval on 27.sep.2014

As all we know neha khare is famous for seminar & workshop

  neha khare present one day look & learn seminar at shirval DIS , PUNE  on 27sep2014

  fee for this seminar is rs:- 500/-

                         Highlight of seminar

  1. bridal facial
  2. Back polishing
  3. Skin polishing with advance machine
  4. Gold & c vitamin facial with advance machine
  5. Ear loab repairing
  6. Bridal makeup
  7. Hair cut 3D style
  8. 2 hair style
  9. Chemical peeling

                  & read more

11 homemade attractiveness tips that do the job like magic


with several, simple home made splendor tips and tricks you can shine for a tresses and gentleness for a epidermis very quickly. Clear up chapped mouth and blemishes along with stuff that a person currently have in your house. Substances similar to darling, ova, and extra virgin olive oil have got incredible splendor positive aspects. Just do it, available your current cupboards and have a peak as part of your icebox. Find out how you can improve your look nowadays. read more